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Evolution of Telecommunications Technology Age to Age

Human thought and always produces an innovation over time. To support the process of delivering a message from one individual to another, the necessary equipment or communications technology.

Reported by Mashable, Friday (12/05/2014), human assisted in communicating ranging from smoke signals to take advantage of a dove. Thanks to technology, significantly changed the way people communicate from time to time.

Smoke signals
Smoke signals can be regarded as the most ancient way that had been used in 200 BC. At that time, the smoke signals used to transmit messages along the Great Wall of China. In 150 BC, the Greek historian Polybius smoke signal system design that visually represents the alphabet.

birds pigeons
In the 12th century, used pigeons to carry messages from Egypt to distant cities such as Baghdad, Iraq. This is an extensive communication system, which utilizes a pigeon to connect cities with distances of hundreds of kilometers.

The telegraph is a means of communication systems obsolete. This tool transmits an electrical signal through a cable from one location to another. Then, a tool that translate electrical signals into a message. In 1844, Samuel Morse sent the first telegraph message from Washington DC Baltimore Maryland.

In the 21st century, the telegraph was abandoned and the revolution of telecommunications equipment allowing for telephone, fax and internet.

Landlines (Home Phone Connection)
Before the advent of cell phones, no home telephone connection. This technology is popular in the 1950s and only one person who can perform telephone calls at one time.

Dial Up Internet
This older technology that is said to be used so that users can access the Internet or World Wide Web (WWW). Before WiFi appears, Dial Up Internet technology makes the user who is downloading the song files (for example), be suspended or experiencing 'delay' for the user to lift telephone.

Text message first launched and popular in 1992. The first message is to say the Christmas holidays and sent to the CEO of Vodafone. Date, a total of 8.6 trillion SMS sent annually.

Facebook is a social network created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Initially, he made this social network to connect between Harvard students. However, further development make up growing up and used by billions of users worldwide. Reportedly, there is a connection of friendship as much as 201.6 billion and recorded like button has been clicked 3.4 billion times.

Smartphones, innovative technology that is now used a lot of people to connect to each other. Users do not need to access the PC to browse the website and with smartphones things easier and mobile. Smartphones today pinned qualified technology, both on the camera, batteries, components, sensors and features in it.

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